David Osiany: LESSONS From HISTORY.

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This morning, after keenly watching the political unravellings, the story of Thomas Joseph Mboya comes to mind.

Tom Mboya had everything going for him. He did so much for the country as well as to many at personal levels. His political star beamed bright and he was the promise of the nation. He was articulate, intellectually acute and oozed with flair, depth and aplomb. I personally have a deep sense of admiration for Mboya, for he was a man well ahead of his time. He is simply unforgettable. He had what it took to be Kenya’s next Commander-In-Chief after Kenyatta (and sure was on his way there).

However, Tom Mboya let a few of his political ‘friends’ plant and use him against Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. He fell into their trap. They bloated his ego and with that, he subsequently handled Oginga Odinga with ruthless and reckless disdain, culturally unexpected of a man young as he at the time. Eventually, after they had emboldened him and he looked to be gaining popularity beyond his Luo ethnic group, which his new masters had not foreseen, they decided they had to tame him. How? With rabid finality! They silenced his brilliance and oratory for good! They killed him!

That’s how most of these Machiavellian political crooks operate. It is foolhardy to play into their hands. They seek out best of potentials and finish their careers by pitting them against unnecessary enemies. They identify promising careers and attempt to use them as tools to achieve their evil plans against their erstwhile enemies.

In the end brilliant politicians end up forfeiting their own dreams and destinies, and instead pursue those of their new masters who actually never mean well for them. Often times the result is misery and heart-wrenching disappointment. History is abundantly littered with such examples; most recently Michael Gove attempted ending Boris Johnson’s career of being PM by betraying Boris at the behest of David Cameron. Gove thought he would rise, but he ended his own career instead and lost terribly in the election to succeed Cameron. In the end, Boris has re-emerged second in rank, after new PM Theresa May named him Foreign Secretary. Gove is gone, probably for good! In Kenya, there are several of such kind.

To both my friends and foes, I would advice that you weave tenacity and tigritude with a strand of patience, a yarn of caution and a measure of courtesy. Chase your dreams, stay focused, don’t let the barking of dogs sway you from promising paths. Just as much, do not let the snake lie to you that if you eat the fruit in the middle of the garden you will be more brilliant. And if you must burn the bridges, against the advice of trusted and well-meaning friends, do so with a measure of honor and dignity. ‪#‎NuffSaid‬
Yours warningly,
David Osiany

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