Corruption at Kenyatta University billions of shillings stolen in the name of buildings

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Corruption in the post-colonial government of Kenya has a history which spans the era of the Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi‘s KANU governments, Mwai Kibaki‘s PNU government and the current Uhuru Kenyatta‘s Jubillee Party government. In the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 Kenya is ranked 139th out of 176 countries for corruption, tied with AzerbaijanNepalNigeria, and Pakistan (least corrupt countries are at the top of the list).[1]

Most bribes paid by urban residents in Kenya are fairly small but large ones are also taken – bribes worth over 50,000 Kenyan shillings (€600, US$700) account for 41% of the total value. There is also corruption on a larger scale with each of the last two regimes being criticised for their involvement.[1]

Despite market reforms, several business surveys reveal that business corruption is still widespread and that companies frequently encounter demands for bribes and informal payments to ‘get things done’ in Kenya. The public procurement sector in Kenya suffers widespread corruption. The use of agents to facilitate business operations and transactions in Kenya is widespread and poses a risk for companies, particularly at the market entry and business start-up stage.[2]

Despite positive developments, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) was disbanded in 2011 and replaced by the newly instated Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Observers describe the new agency as superficial

It is actually ridiculously difficult to find this information. However, according to some tender document I read some time back, it cost approximately Kes: 639, 319, 248 to construct the Kenyatta University Post Modern Library.

If you are interested in the cost of the other new buildings in Kenyatta University, heres some information.

Computer Laboratory Centre

Kes. 32,085,000

Science Laboratories

Kes: 66, 800, 000

Student Centre

Kes: 189,384,000

Lecture Halls

Kes: 128,087,000

Suswa Hostel

Kes: 67, 620,000

School of Economics

Kes: 211, 560,000.

School of Tourism and Hospitality

Kes: 59, 010,000


Kes: 178,800,000

School of Engineering

Kes: 174,090,000Check Out10 Best Jobs You Can Get in Kenya Without a Degree 2019

Nyayo Hostels two blocks

Kes: 211,260,000

Anatomy Laboratories Phase III

Kes: 45,000,000

Perimeter Wall

Kes: 45,000,000.

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