The Department of Immigration is investigating a report that Coptic Hospital owned by an Egyptian is corrupting the issuance of working permits to unqualified doctors and other alien personnel.
A senior Immigration’s official revealed that his officers will comb through the matter after this newspaper raised concern following public concern on the goings at the hospital
A petition to Weekly Citizen alleges that although this is a mission hospital, all the doctors are Egyptians. Local doctors are not recruited here and they are only only on open visits to patients. There is no single Kenyan doctor employed there contrary to rules and regulations guiding the immigration act on recruitment of foreigners.
The memo alleges that the Egyptian doctors employed are young and unqualified to handle critical illnesses thereby putting to risk patients’ lives
Kenyans employed here in other professions earn peanuts compared to Egyptian colleagues with less academic credentials. Taxes to KRA are not remitted.
The hospital has been receiving donor money from ICDC on HIV prevention yet there is no single project initiated from the funds. On the contrary, the money has been squandered in paying huge salaries to expatriates and avoiding paying taxes on the guise of missionary work.
Discrimination against locals in promotions is a common feature. The Egyptian leadership is also racist abusive to Kenyans working here. Some bush Arabs who can not speak English language hold senior positions contrary to foreigners employment act. The alien employees live in cubicles within the hospital to avoid police arrests and immigration scrutiny.
Currently, the management is engaged in the retrenchment of over 200 Kenyans under the guise of restructuring while at the same time secretly sneaking in foreigners for employment
The Kenya Medical Board and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board are aware of the malpractices at the hospital but keep quiet over it with reports of high level compromise by the Coptic authorities.
A Mrs Sakr the wife of the director is a regular visitor in the immigration department where she is embraced warmly by some officers.