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Consider this factors When Buying Land In Kenya

Buying property such as land or a house is a long-term investment. To avoid last minute surprises, it is imperative that such undertakings be conducted with utmost care.Here are a few things you will want to put into consideration beforehand.

Background Check

Never make a blind transaction when it comes to buying property. It is your number one duty to confirm the authenticity of any property that you intend to buy. If you’re buying land, employ the services of professionals to help you conduct a land search. This will help to ascertain that the person selling the piece of land is the real owner and that it’s free of encumbrance. Consider checking the legal process of buying a land in Kenya

You will also need to do a thorough background check on the land just in case someone is selling family land without informing the others. Visit the site of the land for sale to ascertain its existence as well as confirm it’s the same size you’re buying.

When buying a house, beware of its soundness. We see posters of houses for sale all the time, but do we stop to ask why they’re selling? Most property is sold as is so beware not to buy a house that is falling apart.


This plays a big role in determining the value attached to a property. Property that is close to the main road will cost more than those further in. However, cheap houses for sale that are interior may not have adequate security. You may also want to consider the possibility of flooding in low lying areas as opposed to those in the raised ground.

Developmental Outlook

How’re you planning to make use of this property? The purpose will determine the property you should buy. Whether it’s for commercial or residential, you need to have a well laid out plan.

For commercial property, you’re better off buying at a prime area that is close to social amenities and business. A residential house, on the other hand, may need a quiet place but not too far from major facilities.

Access to Communal Facilities

You want to buy property in an area that makes your day to day life more convenient if not comfortable. Water availability is paramount and so is electricity.

That property has to be easily accessible too. That means a good main road and feeders roads. You also need nearby schools, hospitals, churches as well supermarkets. A good sewer and drainage system is very important for refuse disposal otherwise you will be stuck in a messy area and that’s not pleasant. You may also want to look out for sewer restrictions in the area so that you’re not inconvenienced later on.

Reputation of Agent or Developer

Buying property is no joke so you really must get things right from the word go. Enlist the services of a qualified and registered agent or developer.

This will go a long way in protecting your money or property in case there is foul play because you can actually sue them. It is also easy to identify their previous works where you can visit and enquire about them. This will tell you if they are reliable or not. A poster reading land for sale is always enticing but it’s good to know the genuineness of the person behind such a poster.

Buying property is every Kenyan’s dream and rightfully so. We hope you are now more informed to take sound measures and make the right decisions while buying property.

Factors To Consider When Buying Land In Kenya

The demand for land in Kenya has been on a steady increase over the years. Many consider this as a worthwhile investment. This has also attracted fraudsters who are on a mission to cash in from unsuspecting clients. Therefore, it is very important to be on the lookout when planning to purchase a piece of land. You should put into consideration several factors before you jump into purchasing your parcel of land.

Here are the vital factors to consider when buying land in Kenya.

1. Ownership history

It is important to do a background check on the ownership of the land you intend to purchase. Cases of fraud involving land have been on the increase in Kenya. Therefore to avoid being duped, follow the legal procedures of ascertaining the landowners by conducting a land search at the relevant authorities.

2. Location of the Land

Location greatly determines the value of the property. For instance, land that is closer to the main road will have a higher value compared to the one that is far away. You also need to consider how accessible the land is to other locations, especially if you are planning to purchase land for putting up commercial or residential units.

3. Affordability of the land

Your purchasing power should be the determinant when planning to purchase that parcel of land. You should not strain or overburden your pockets for land that will add no value to your financial status. You need to look out for a seller offering competitive and reasonable prices altogether.

4. The person/company selling the land to you

Purchasing land from a registered real estate company would be more efficient and easy compared to purchasing from an individual. This reduces chances of fraud and also ensures you get a variety of options from the professional companies. Most of the real estate companies service the lands they sell, for example providing water and electricity.

5. Topographical survey

You must do a topographical survey of the area the land is located. This will prevent future disasters and losses that might be incurred due to calamities such as floods and landslides.

6. Accessibility of service provisions and basic amenities

Look out for land that is closer to basic service provisions and amenities such as water supply, electricity, sewerage disposal and accessible roads.

7. Security

Security is a fundamental right for any Kenyan. You should go the extra mile of inquiring about the level of security within the area you intend to purchase land from. This will save you from incurring extra costs from burglaries or petty crimes, specifically if you are purchasing land to put up a commercial or residential unit.

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