LAST WEEKEND, I had a chat with an old friend and I told him in 2022, there shall be nothing like Jubilee Party dominance in Mt Kenya and parts of Western, North Eastern and Rift Valley. It shall be a repeat of both 2002 where Kenyans rejected Moi’s project Uhuru Kenyatta for Raila’s project Mwai Kibaki and 2007 when Raila and Ruto marshaled 41 tribes against 1. Am hoping the new Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai is preparing for the aftershocks.

In ‘succession’ politics, the man who finally ascends to the presidency is never known up-to the very last days of an election cycle. The case with Moi (he was a passing wind), Kibaki (was installed at the last minute) and Uhuru (was Hague bound). This thing of Ruto installing himself as the President in waiting while there is a sitting president is his biggest undoing.

He is repeating the mistakes of Jaramogi Odinga at independence where they hoped to oust Kenyatta and install Mboya, Kenneth Matiba who showed his craws prematurely and Moi neutralized him without remorse, Raila Odinga who ‘won’ the prize but self-destructed on the 11th hour.

In 2022, careers shall be revived and people like Martha Karua, Hon. William Kabogo Gitau, Njoroge Baiya, Kabado Wa Kabado, Hassan Omar, Musalia Mudavadi etc shall lead the ‘Revolution’ of restoring our lost country. Ruto, unless he changes his obsession with the presidency shall be swiped by a wind, bigger than what swept KANU out of power.

That’s when the real ‘Hustler Nation’ shall speak against POOR LEADERSHIP, CORRUPTION, POLITICAL CONMAN-SHIP, EXPLOITATION, OVER TAXATION etc. Apparently, Uhuru’s legacy might be simple, ‘GIVING KENYANS BACK THEIR COUNTRY’.