The AU passport can be gotten from the immigration department in your respective country. However as at now the passport has only been issued to Heads of the various member countries. Next will be the elites of the various the countries ( high level business men and women as well as dignitaries) then finally the ordinary African. These will all happen in the respective African country after the parliament has accepted it which hopefully should not take time as there was no voiced opposition to the proposal and adoption in Kigali.

First you have to be an African citizen to even think about this unless you are some of kind dignitary. NOW to answer the question,

  1. The only who are authorized to acquire the passport are head of states or politicians.
  2. Then it is business people who travel across the continent frequently who are second in line
  3. The last group are the citizens of the continent; however, it will take a while before this happens since all countries has approve the legality of those passports.

At least not now, the AU Passport is a project that is still being studied, and the AU hopes to deliver it for african citizens in the year 2020.

There are still lots of challenges, especially that there are countries who gain money from visa procedures, and other countries who don’t have the means to registrate their citizens or use a biometric passport.

As an African myself, I hope that African countries will open their borders to each other, and that we will evolve all together as an African nation, to solve poverty, illness, famine, and other problems concerning basic human needs.