Confirmed : Citizen TV is becoming more tribal why Hussein Mohammed left the station.

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Citizen TV is becoming more tribal.. The management has been secretly directed to favour Kikuyus than other tribes..

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Hussein Mohammed has been here for 10 good years as senior anchor with a salary of Ksh. 350,000… Then Jeff Koinange came from nowhere with his ever boring Bench to earn a whooping 1.5M… When Hussein asked for an increament, he was given two options with leaving the station in the offing…. (yes, Hussein Mohammed was shown the door)…

This is what exactly happened to one Johnson Mwakazi.. He was given two options, either leave or be demoted from being senior anchor with his previous salary reduced from 258,000 to 150,00 or move out. he chose to remain but now as (Senior Voice Director at the station). If you are keen enough, you will always hear his voice in many of the adverts. But this too Jeff want to take away from him…

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Fransis Gachuri doing less of what Hussein was doing but he is earning 500,000 monthly..
Jacky Maribe was earning 500,000 as senior political reporter at tha station. what was she doing by the way?? Kissing Itumbi??

Now why is Mwaura given Ksh 538,000 monthly from his previous Ksh. 250,000 but not increase Hussein?? Hussein did not asked for a leave as people are made to belive.. He chose to leave with dignity intead ya kubebwa ufala…

Even the sign language interpreters who used to be Luos.. Where are they?? all were replaced by Kikuyus yiote….. Usipingane na mimi…

(NOTE; The figures are very much acurate)

Kik Imin Koda wach anyalo Pado dhogino

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