Comparing Appointments in the Moi and Uhuru Administrations – Be the judge

1. President -Moi (Kalenjin)
2. Attorney GENERAL- Amos Wako (Luhya)
3. Solicitor-General-Benjamin Kubo-Taita
4. CBK Governor – Nahashon Nyaga(Embu)
5. USA Ambassador – Yusuf Nzibo (Taita)
6. Head of Civil Service- Fares Kuindwa- Taita
7. NIS Director- James Kanyotu (kikuyu)
8. Speaker- Francis Ole Kaparo (Masai)
9. Army Commander-Lenges (Samburu)
10. KRA Commissioner-General:
John Msafari- Mijikenda.

1.President- Uhuru (kikuyu)
2.Attorney General- Githu (kikuyu)
3.Solicitor-General -Njee Muturi (kikuyu)
4.CBK governor – Patrick Njoroge (kikuyu)
5.USA Ambassador- Githae (kikuyu)
6.Head of Civil Service -Kinyua (kikuyu)
7. NIS Director- Philip Wachira(Kikuyu)
8.Speaker- Justin Muturi(Kikuyu)
9.Army Commander- Robert Kariuki (Kikuyu)
10. KRA COMMISSIONER GENERAL -Njiraini (Kikuyu),,,,,,,this tribalist era must die this 2017…

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