Common Methods to Hack a Website

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Knowing common ways to hack websites is crucial for protecting your site from intruders. While you are reading this article, a number of websites are being hacked at some corner of the Internet. A hacker not only takes the control of the entire website but also he/she collects data from the hacked website for various purposes.

Some common hacking methods are as follows.

Cross site scripting method

This is a type of computer security vulnerability which is found in web applications. Basically the application contains hidden client-side scripts in it. Attackers inject it into web pages when affected users visit a website. This method is used to gain or bypass access controls.

Brutal force attack

In simple words, this method uses all possible key matches to decrypt a message or password. It is very simple and effective but extremely slow. Therefore, this method can only be used if other methods don’t work for the site.

Ddos attack

If any hacker intends to make a website down rather than gaining access to it, then this method is perfect. Using Ddos, you can overload the resources and render the system unusable or extremely slow so that no one can access the site.

SQL injection

Basically, it’s a code injection technique which works when the user input has an incorrect filter system for string literal escape characters, which are embedded in statements using SQL. SQL injection also exploits security vulnerability when it occurs in the database layer of some applications when user input is weak enough to crack.  Attackers can influence the queries that stream to the back-end database when they use SQL injection.

Parameter tampering

Clients and server regularly exchange parameters to modify application data like user credentials and permissions, price and quantity updates of products and many more. These parameters can be tampered by Web Parameter Tampering attack as they are important for increasing the functionalities of the applications and controls.

Attacking default credentials

When a hardware or network application is developed, a set of default credentials like a default username and password is set for gaining administrative access to the system. Some webmasters or users do not bother changing the defaults. These defaults can be easily attacked and cracked to gain unauthorized access to the system.

Taking proper precautions for unethical hacking can protect your site and databases from hackers. If you really care about your site and personal information, then it will be a priceless investment if you spend some time to know the most popular and possible ways a website of hacking a website. Once you are aware of them, you can easily find any loophole or weak point and take actions if necessary or you can simply inform your webmaster about your observation so that he/she can take preventive measures.

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