Chase Bank (Kenya) Ownership

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In March 2019, Amethis Finance, a development finance company based in ParisFrance, invested US$10.5 million (KES:900 million) into the bank, thereby taking an equity position in Chase Bank (Kenya). In October 2013, a European Private Equity Fund, invested KSh1.5 billion into the bank, taking up an equity position into the institution.

As of April 2015, the shareholders in the stock of the bank are summarized in the table below:

RankName of OwnerPercentage Ownership
1Rinascimento Global Limited15.9
2Shegas Limited13.9
3Balst Investment Holdings Limited11.2
4Amethis Finance of France10.9
5Festuca Investments Limited9.3
6German Investment Corporation (DEG)[18]6.6
7Carlo Van Wageningen6.5
8Employee Stock Ownership Plan4.3
9Responsability investments / ResponsAbility Participations AG3.4
10Namaja Investments Limited3.0
11Other Local & International Investors15.0

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