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Gone Walter via facebook

my brothers from central,I know the time has come for the prince to climb down from his glory to plead his rhetoric and make a passionate appeal till cows come home asking for your votes
.But remember the four years of dry spell.Ask him to show what you gained in the five years of his reign.
He fed his friends from other communities since your votes was considered already in the basket.
He went overseas to cut deals for himself and his wealthy business men and put no effort to empower small kikuyu hawkers.
He increased taxes for car dealers and importers without remembering that his own kinsmen are the very ones in the car business.
He dd not even care that the UBA company would deal a blow to his own people who earn a living by operating taxis he was simply not interested
Now he will tell you that it was Raila who made life unbearable yet he had machinery,power and resources to change lives in central Kenya,but look what do you have to show from his kingship?
They shamelessly looted the economy the consequence which was felt all over the country including central.
Stand up and be counted among those who want to make Kenya great again by voting this government out.Lets think about the future of our children who will be burdened by the unreasonable debts accumulated over the five years of this government.The game of defeating Raila is outdated,irrelevant and valueless.

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