Celeb Cop Sammy Ondimu wishes Deepest condolences to our fallen heroes,God is in control

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MY TEARS… by sammy ondimu

Its so sad when some of us dedicate our lives to save lives of other people(kenyans)..sleepless nights…months without seeing our loved ones(families)…we too need to hear our children call us dad or mom,we only talk on phone …but we sacrifice all this so that you and your children can enjoy lives..when we die in the line of duty no one notices. Just yesterday we lost 8 Police officers but No message of condolences…only headlines in the media but when its about normal citizens we donate blood and cash and 2 days to mourn in respect with flags half mast….
We are human beings,we have blood,we cry,we feel the pain,we love,we have feelings like any other human being,we are dads/mums..husbands and wives.i wish our loved wives could be strong to stand and tell you what they go through in our absence.
We are the one’s you call beasts,thieves,we are the one’s you always spit on,we the ones you run to when your in a problem…we are the one’s media critisize when we perform our duties…we are the ones Human Rights activists doesn’t Recognize.Baragoi,Tanadelta,Garisa,Tondonyang,Kapedo and yesterday Liboi and Mandera have lost men and women of this Nation.it is not a guarantee that when i get out of my house in the morning il come back alive.it is only by the Grace of God we always go back home alive..all in all God will never forsake us….God is watching us Everyday..
R..I.P crews who died in the line of duty.we will serve No matter what..we have realised it is Only God who can reward us not Mwanadamu. We are called to serve..Always Remember



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