Bunge la Mwananchis Mc’ Olonde view about Rutos loss of Kibera Seat.

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There are two erroneous statements, that need to be clarified;

(1) “Even if Mariga loses, Ruto still wins” – Well, in the mathematical branch of Games Theory, political contests are classified under Zero-Sum Games. Meaning, there can only be ONE winner, and the rest (whether no.2 or 68) are ALL reduced to zero.

(2) “Ruto has never lost a contest he has personal interest in” – Well, he was the Director of Elections of Kanu in 2002, he was a Deputy party leader of ODM in 2007, he was ‘NO’ in 2010… ama he didn’t have as much personal interest in the above, as he now has in Kibra?

Upus — Mc’Olonde Charles

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