Bridget Achieng finally releases skin lightening products for other slay queens willing to bleach like her(photos)



Forget Carolite, there’s a new bleaching creme in town that Kenyans can use to lighten their skin thanks to socialite Bridget Achieng.

Tested and proven by Achieng herself, the socialite launched a line of bleaching creme called Magic lotion that will help ladies bleach at a budget. Achieng claims she used Ksh 3 million to bleach her skin. Vera Sidika said she used Ksh 50 Million but we think they both meant Ksh 50,000.

Anyway, Bridget promised that the creme will work in just 30 days and urged women to bleach because men appreciate lighter women more. Several celebs including Huddah Monroe, Kush Tracy, Nyasikuta among others have lightened their skins.

True beauty

In an Ebru interview a while back, the socialite confessed that she decided to lighten her skin so that she can truly feel beautiful.

“From when I was a kid I never felt beautiful because African parents never tell you that you are beautiful. I never felt loved as a kid, I will be honest. So I thought if I do it I would feel beautiful…I don’t regret anything and the attention it comes with it keeps me going,” she confessed.

She added:

 “I would advise any girl (to bleach). Men will tell you to stay like that then the next day you see them in a restaurant with a light skinned girl.”


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