Drama is ongoing in parliament as Uhuru regime jubilee  deploys armed police to intimidate opposition MPs attending the special sitting called by Speaker Justin Muturi.

Hon Muturi himselsef was escorted by more than 20 armed police officer to the chamber as information went out that Jubilee allied MPs were allowed to carry guns to the chambers.

The only language this tugs understand is going to the street. They have carried guns to the chambers instructed the killing of at least 1 MP from the opposition. Already assaulted Hon Wanga Hon Sumra.

Parliament’s special sitting on Thursday turned chaotic after Cord MPs walked out while Jubilee’s passed contentious election laws.

The legislatures are expected to make major changes to the use of technology in the general election at the session called by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Tuesday.

Wetangula, who is a co-principal of the opposition’s Cord coalition, walked out of the chambers claiming some Jubilee legislators were armed and ready to attack them.

“We have information that some Jubilee MPs came into the chambers carrying guns; this is against House standing orders. For their own security the MPs decided to leave the chambers,” he said.

Wetang’ula further told the media that the legislators left citing abuse of power by their Jubilee counterparts and the Speaker.

“Jubilee MPs did not come to debate and it is very sad that our members were attacked on Tuesday night yet no action has been taken,” he said.

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo said Muturi abused his powers on Tuesday when he called today’s special sitting to discuss amendments to elections laws.

“The Speaker has outrightly abused his powers because he is only allowed to call a special session when something is urgent and related to a state of emergency, appointment to commissioners and impeachment of a president, his deputy or declaring war yet non of these are before us,” he said.

He added: “We have information that Jubilee MPs were instructed to use the most lethal and unreasonable approaches to ensure the amendments pass but what they are doing will haunt them for a very long time because it is affecting the lives of Kenyans.”

The Cord MPs further criticised the move by the government to deploy police officers outside Parliament buildings saying they were harassing journalists, even inside the premises.

“It is very sad that the security officers resorted to harassing the media. I am told one journalist has been arrested and a video he had recorded deleted before he was released. This is absurd,” he said.

The MPs seek to change the law to give room for the IEBC to use other means of identification of voters and transmission of results where technology fails.

The issue has already pitted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party against the Opposition led by Raila Odinga.