NEWS reaching my DESK: Bespectacled pencil- thin Jubilee apologist Onyango Oloo and his not so sexy second-hand second wife ditch Jubilee for ODM accusing the party of being inhibited by thugs, conmen and unpatriotic mortals.

A source close to the two noted that; their hearts, intestines and even blood has always been undilutedly ODM. Both to contest for Kisumu Central and Kisumu East. Meanwhile, counterfeit preacher Margaret Kamangu and her heavily bearded son have given Dr. Baba 2000 missed calls since Friday, 896 Voicemail and 268 sms combined.

According to a songbird closed to the duo who happens to be related to the president through marriage: Margaret feels discomfited that Uhuru did not keep his side of nominating her directly for governor and his son for MP instead going on a spearfishing mission in Muranga to successfully beg a reluctant Peter Kenneth to run.

Wanjiru and her son have vowed to do everything to ensure they present they petition to Dr. Baba. Both insist they are ODM life members who only went to eat rice in Jubilee. More defections are expected in days to come.

Starehe MP, Stephen Kariuki has spend months insulting ODM and Raila. In the by-election, he was elected on ODM ticket, thanks to the efforts Raila put in place. Today, he says he is considering going back to ODM. He regrets to have committed a political blunder of Joining Jubilee.

Bishop Magret Wanjiru who some few months ago disparaged ODM during Jeff Koinange live, now claims she never ditched ODM. That she was not chased away and she has sent information to the party leadership to consider her back. Common Bishop. You cant be serious. You have been moving around Nairobi with Jubilee leadership calling Raila ‘Mganga’. What has changed.

Yes, its good to bring back lost sheep. But sorry. Kariuki and his mother Wanjiru should keep their political asses in Jubilee. ODM is not a swimming pool of sluts where you can go walk in, walk out, ridicule the pool and again come back into it heads. NO WAY!