Bill Clinton Net Worth

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Bill Clinton net worth:$80 Million

Bill Clinton net worth: Bill Clinton is an American politician who has a net worth of $80 million. Bill Clinton was the 42nd President and served two terms, from 1993 till 2001. Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas to William Jefferson Blythe Jr. and Virginia Dell Casidy. Sadly, Bill’s father died three months before he was born. His mother soon moved to New Orleans for nursing school. While she was in school, Virginia left young Bill with his grandparents Elridge and Edith Cassidy who owned a small grocery store. His grandparents were remarkable because their store offered food on credit to all races, at a time when racial tensions in Arkansas were at their highest. These were the values that Bill Clinton was raised on. Upon his mother’s return to Arkansas she married a man named Roger Clinton and at the age of fourteen Bill would take on the surname of Clinton to honor his step father.

In 1963 Clinton visited the White House to meet then President John F Kennedy as a Boys Nation Senator. This moment combined with Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech inspired a young Clinton to want to become a public official. Clinton would go onto to attend Georgetown University in Washington, DC where he graduated with a degree in Foreign Service. After graduating he received a Rhodes Scholarship to University College, Oxford. From Oxford, Clinton went to Yale Law School. It was here where he met fellow Law school student Hillary Rodham whom he married on October 11th 1975. They welcomed their first and only daughter Chelsea in 1980.

In 1976 Bill was elected Arkansas Attorney General. Two years later he became the youngest Governor in the country. With his main focus being on education and healthcare reform, Clinton caught the eye of the nation. He was even looked upon to run for President in the 1988 election. By 1992 Clinton was ready to run. He was elected into office over the incumbent President George Hubert Walker Bush. During his time in office he signed The Family and Medical Leave act of 1993, the Brady Bill, and expanded the earned income tax credit. He left the White House with the highest approval rating of any President since World War II, at 66%. He now remains in the public eye with humanitarian work which he runs mainly through The Clinton Global Initiative. Clinton has largely focused on issues such as HIV/Aids and Global warming.

Since leaving the White House in 2001, Bill Clinton has been a highly sought after and well compensated public speaker. Clinton earns between $150,000 and $700,000 per speech. His average fee is roughly $200,000. In total, between 2001 and 2013, Bill Clinton has earned $106 million in speaking engagement fees. In 2012, he earned $17 million off 73 speeches delivered throughout the world. Over of of his earnings came from speeches that were delivered internationally, including one in Lagos Nigeria where he earned a record $700,000. Bill also owns the record for the biggest book advance of all time when he earned $15 million for his memoir “My Life” in 2004.

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