Betty Kaylo after “Nitakupiga Miti” video: I can’t date Khaligraph Jones

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Last week, K24’s Betty Kyalo, with the help of Khaligraph Jones, angered Kenyans after starring in one of his dirty freestyles dubbed “Nitakupiga miti”.

The song, which is about how Khaligraph will tear Betty Kyalo apart in an awesome sex session, angered Kenyans who argued that it was too dirty and gross for social media.

All kinds of accusations then started pouring in some even speculating the two might be sharing a bed already. Apparently, they can never.

Kyalo on social media responded to the claims saying that she can never date OG because the two are much a like.

‘Are you two allowed to date? We are waiting.” a fan asked Betty after the clip that went viral.

”Naaaaaah, we too gangsta.” she replied.

Kenyans protested against the video forcing them to delete it on their social media pages. The damage had already been done but Kyalo seemed not to mind much.

On social media later on, she shared a post hinting that she’s not afraid to make mistakes.

”So imperfect but so real. Comfortable in my skin and I would still choose being me over and over again. I’m sorry if you want me to be anything else; you try it. ☺️☺️☺️ I’m good, I’m Nice weekend.” she wrote.

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