Best mobile phone deals and contracts in the UK for July 2020

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Mobile phone deals are one of those big investments we have to make sometimes, forking out either on a SIM-free handset or an all-in long contract so when you pile all of that money in, you want to know you’re getting the right choice for you.

So when you’re choosing, what should you look for? What kind of price is acceptable and do you really need a flagship? These are all questions we look to answer in this dedicated guide.

For those that already know what device they want, this will be easy! Simply scroll down to the charts below to see the best mobile phone deals and contracts in the UK right now.

Still unsure, left in a daze trying to decipher the lingo of phones? That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ve broken down data caps, network privileges and other factors you need to consider.

And if you’re in the position where you know you want one of the big three handsets, we have some dedicated guides to help out there. Head straight to our iPhone deals guide, Huawei phone deals or our Samsung phone deals for a more detailed look.

Looking for the absolute best phones available? These are the flagship phones from Apple, Samsung and more offering top of the line specs. These will be the most expensive devices out there but for those who really like fancy specs and impressive cameras.


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