Charity Ngilu attended the CORD launch on the frontal steps of KICC in December 2012, only three months to the March 4 General Election.

There, she joined ODM Leader, then Prime Minister Raila Odinga; Wiper Leader, then Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Ford Kenya Leader Moses Wetangula.

She had been dithering in the week, and rumors had started swirling that she wouldn’t attend. Perhaps, the swathe of humanity that thronged the steps of KICC that Wednesday morning had pulled her over.

She arrived late. A seat was quickly found for her in the high table, and one of the copies of the CORD pre-election agreements handed to her.

She did not stay for long thereafter.

Soon after, she joined President Uhuru and his deputy, William Ruto. She vied, on a Narc ticket, for Kitui Senate seat and lost to David Musila. People loved her, but not her choice of political association.

Ngilu gave Uhuru-Ruto ticket the veneer of national face it badly needed. She became the third ‘principal’, and pitched for election of Uhuru as that of a man who cares about social needs of Kenyans.

Ngilu is a social democrat. She joined Jubilee, at least as she claimed, on the understanding that the new regime would provide basic necessities to Kenyans.

As Uhuru formed government, she and Najib Balala remained out in the first names to be unveiled for cabinet positions. There was much talk about a technocratic government. No politicians.  Pressure piled. Media was unleashed against politicians being part of the cabinet.

In the second batch of names, the two were named as ministers.

President Uhuru and Ruto had given an undertaking not to include politicians in their cabinet. Ngilu and Balala were politicians.

Her use moment came when Uhuru, and the Kenyatta family, had all reasons to hide their land records from the ICC. As Lands CS, Ngilu shocked the country by shutting down the national land’s registry in Nairobi around the same time.

She would then use the excuse of reorganization of the ministry to widely claim, in a letter to ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, that over 1.3 million records had been lost, misfiled or misplaced, hence there was no land records linking Uhuru to any land.

Ngilu would use her time at Lands Ministry in the meantime to grab what she could through proxies until the fallout in the Karen Land grab, where she was adversely named in a list of shame and forced out in a mass sacking President Uhuru initiated.

She had been used, and dumped.

Ngilu saw her sacking as nothing but political, but exited all the same.

In the intervening period, she has silently built a case against Uhuru and Ruto as dishonest and treacherous people, and she is likely to play a defining role in this coming election.

Ngilu is currently building a “silent majority” in Kitui County, where she seeks to unseat Governor Julius Malombe. She is still a highly popular figure.