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Baladna is located north of the city of Doha and spreads over an area of 2.4 million sqm, with a capacity to house 24,000 cows. Baladna provides a comfortable and well-conditioned environment for the cows, allowing them to reach their production capacity comfortably.

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Al Shamal Road, Exit 44
Umm Al-Hawaya Area, Al Khor &
Al-Thakhira – Qatar

PO Box

3382, Doha – Qatar

Emails (General) (Quality Complaints)

Contact Number (Sales)

+974 5000 1137
+974 5000 1138
+974 5000 1139

Baladna Food Industries

Al Shamal Road, Exit 44
Umm Al-Hawaya Area, Al Khor &
Al-Thakhira – Qatar

P.O Box : 3382, Doha – Qatar


The on-site rotary milking parlor takes up to 100 cows per rotation and completes a full cycle every 8 minutes. Applying world-leading processes and technologies, Baladna farm is setting new standards for fresh dairy farming in the region, with advances in animal nutrition, comfort, and veterinary care ensuring the robust production of high-quality milk products.

Fresh Milk

Laban & Ayran







Long Life Milk


Baladna Q.P.S.C. is a Qatari public shareholding company under incorporation under the Commercial Companies Law of the State of Qatar. The Company’s principal activity is to provide overall management, supervision, and strategic support to its fully-owned subsidiary, Baladna Food Industries.

Investor Relations contact

Ahmad Irshaid
Investor Relations,
Baladna Q.P.S.C

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