It was a rather dramatic situation in renowned Journalist Jeff Koinange’s show when COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli did the unthinkable.

On Wednesday night, October 23, an excited Atwoli predicted the outcome of the Kibra by-election in a rather precise manner.

Speaking on Citizen TV, Atwoli declared that ODM’s Kibra candidate Benard ‘Imran’ Okoth will have won the election by 10 am that morning.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli on Citizen’s JKL show on October 23 after he predicted the Kibra by-election results.

“By 10 am Imran will be the Member of Parliament for Kibra, take it to the bank!” Atwoli announced.

He took it a notch higher, sprung to his feet throwing his hand in the air in a rather carefree manner, loudly proclaiming his prophecy.

A surprised Jeff, probed further telling Atwoli that he was kidding and that there is no way he would be that precise, to which he declined. 

He went ahead to reveal that all of his prophecies have come to pass and that he was a man of God who never lies.

This comes in the heat of Kibra campaigns that have seen both parties work tirelessly to woe their supporters before the much anticipated November 7 polls.

The COTU boss further explained that Imran had an added advantage because the ODM has been a dominant party in the area as it also boasts of a large membership.

This is despite the fact that Jubilee Candidate McDonald Mariga’s had conducted outstanding campaigns in the area.

“You know you can spend money on a wrong horse and it does not win,” he mocked.

The two opposing candidates, Imran and Mariga have in the past been involved in various tussles, with the latter accusing his opponent of playing dirty.

Rogue youth on Saturday, October 12,  pelted Mariga’s campaign envoy with stones leaving his car broken and his posters disfigured.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli on Citizen’s JKL show on October 23. He predicted that ODM candidate Benard Imran Okoth will win the Kibra by-election results.