Applying for Transfer of Vehicle ownership – Kenya

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  1. Conduct an Online NTSA Car Search to ensure the current logbook details are correct.
  2. Fill in the Application form below.
  3. Confirm you have all the necessary documents. Original Logbook. Duly filled KRA Transfer Form C by both the car seller and buyer. Copies of ID for both seller and buyer.


  1. Obtain a duly transfer from “C” from the Road Transport offices in Times Tower, Nairobi, Customs House, Mombasa or the District Commissioners office.
  2. Fill and sign it
  3. Attach copies of the following;
    1. The logbook: one is expected to fill up the first vacant ‘change’ giving his/her full name, address and signature.
    2. Copies of National Identity card or passport of both buyer and seller or a Certificate of Business Registration in the case of corporate bodies.
    3. Valid insurance cover.
    4. Both purchase tax and transfer fee in accordance with the engine capacity rating of the vehicle.
    5. PIN cards of both seller and buyer.

After you have completed the application form, forward it, together with relevant supporting documents and the appropriate fee to the Road Transport Offices at Times Tower, Nairobi and Customs House, Mombasa or at any District Commissioners Offices.Ads by Google

Required Documents

Transfer for Individuals

Copies ofNational identification card (ID) for both buyer and seller.PIN certificate for both buyer and seller.

Transfer for Companies

Copies ofCertificate of incorporationPIN certificate for both buyer and seller.

Transfer for Business

Copies ofCertificate of Business RegistrationPIN certificate for both buyer and seller.

  • Copy of valid Insurance Cover.
  • Original Registration Book (log book)
  • If the owner is deceased letters of Administration

Office Locations & Contacts

Registrar of Motor Vehicles,
Driving License Section 3rd Floor
Tel: +254-020-310900,2810000,315553
Physical Address: Times Towers,Haile Selassie Avenue
Postal Address: P.0. Box 48240 – 00100, GPO Nairobi Kenya
Tel: +254 (20) 2252299 ext 33173.
s.Fax: +254 20 234 5465
Address: P.O.Box 30007 – 00100, Nairobi, KenyaAds by Google


  • Application Fee: No charge.
  • Transfer fee: Ksh 625
  • License Fee:
    • Not Exceeding 1000cc (kshs 1660), 1001-1200cc(kshs 1890), 1201-1500 ccc(kshs 2065), 15001-1700cc(kshs 2410), 1701-2000cc(kshs 2695), 2001-2500cc(kshs3845) , 2501-3000cc(kshs 5055) , 3001…and above cc(kshs 5915)
    • A trailer less than four wheels (kshs 1030)
    • A trailer with four wheels or more ( kshs 1890 ) ,
    • Tractor (kshs 1030)


Validity is 1 year

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 5 days.

Required Information

  • Full names of both buyer and seller
  • Address
  • Signature of both seller and buyer
  • National card (ID) For both buyer and seller.
  • PIN certificate for both buyer and seller
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Certificate of Business Registration

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Need for the Document

A buyer of a second hand motor vehicle is expected to apply for transfer of change of ownership to their name within 14 days of purchase

Information which might help

  • Use the right application form. Before completing it, read the notes on the application form carefully
  • Ensure that all relevant parts in the form are duly completed
  • Remember to sign the form
  • Check if your address on the form is clear and correct
  • Ensure that your application is accompanied by all necessary supporting documents

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