Apply for National Social Security Fund in Kenya

Kenya – Apply for National Social Security Fund

  1. Visit a NSSF Branch and approach a registration officer.
  2. Fill in the registration form accurately.
  3. Attach all the documents.
  4. Return to the registration officer.
  5. Your full set of finger prints will be taken.
  6. A registration card. is then issued.

Apply Online

No online application
Registration form can be downloaded from website. by Google

Required Documents

  1. National Identity Card/ passport
  2. Copy of Kenya Revenue authority PIN
  3. Employer introductory letter

Office Locations & Contacts

National Social Security Fund (HQ) – P.O. Box 30599 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Main Line: (020) 2729911, 2710552
Cell Phone: 0722-204192, 0734-699926, 0734-333238
ISDN: 2832000
Fax: (020) 2727882, 2722013, 2711615
Website: www.nssf.or.keAds by Google


  1. Every employer should register with the fund as a contributing employer and shall register his employee or employees, as members of the Fund.
  2. A self- employed person who wishes to become a member of the Fund, may register as a voluntary member.


Kenya shillings 100 for voluntary member.


  1. All the moneys due from that account have been paid out of that account .
  2. The member has ceased to be a member of the Fund
  3. No claim by or on behalf of that member to any benefit is pending determination.


Make sure you have copies of all the required documents before you start the process. Visit the website to locate a branch near you.

Required Information

  1. National identity card number
  2. Full names
  3. Nationality
  4. Kenya Revenue authority PIN
  5. Place of employment
  6. Address of employer
  7. Gender
  8. Physical address of applicant
  9. Details of next of Kin (Name and ID number or Birth Certificate)

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Need for the Document

The National Social Security Fund is a statutory body. Its main role is to provide social security protection to Kenyan workers both in the formal and informal sectors. The statutory body registers members, receives their contribution, manage funds and payout benefits to members or dependants.

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