Airtel Uganda has unveiled the Airtel Broadband, a new product that will see consumers buy 1GB of data bundle at UGX1500 (Ksh41).

The gadget will initially cost UGX280,000 (appx Ksh7,800) with free 51GB valid for a month, with subsequent recharges costing the customer Ksh41 per GB.

“Early this year, we made Uganda 100% 4G. We went on to introduce new and transformed technologies like the 4×4 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO).Today we decided to go a step further to introduce fixed data or for homes and businesses,” said Airtel Uganda managing director VG Somasekhar.

Brenden Kachenje, the General Manager Airtel Broadband says that the product comes with an outdoor unit that ensures “you have strong wifi signals and an indoor unit to to ensure that your devices receive strong, uninterrupted signals.”

“Many countries are now using e-commerce to do business. Consumers can purchase anything 24/7 from wherever they are. This innovation by Airtel is not only a great push towards economic development, but what’s happening with the rest of the world is so fast that if we don’t take this approach we shall be left behind. Airtel Broadband is a start in that direction,” State Minister for Trade Werikhe Kafabusa.

Despite the cheap data charges, residents in Uganda still have to pay a daily levy to use social media, introduced in July to tame “idle talk” online and raise revenue, which affects more than 60 online platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

To use such sites, Ugandans are expected to pay a tax of 200 Ugandan shillings (Ksh5.56) a day.

This has seen the number of internet subscriptions to such services fall by more than 2.5 million.

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