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Ababu namwamba joins jubilee secreatly

If I told you that the largest political party in Kenya can function without a key leader moving the chains, you would think that I am crazy. ODM has been without an active Secretary General for a while. Ababu Namwamba has turned out to be a quasi SG after all.

For a guy who fought for the position and repeatedly threatened the party royalty with defections, Ababu’s conspicuous absence in key ODM affairs and open incongruent political posturing can only be looked at through the prism of a political mutiny. And why not?

In the wake of the unfortunate kasarani debacle, Ababu led his team in declaring that his side had actually won the abortive elections! He would later engage the party leader and supporters in a stubborn political strip-tease that culminated in him and his other Team Fresh crew getting their desired plum positions. But after landing the all important gig, Ababu took the prestigious ‘back-left’ seat and went to sleep and occasionally waking up to stir the proverbial pot and then retreat to political safety.

There is no doubt that his ascension to the top of ODM’s high table came at an astonishing political cost that left a bad taste in many supporters’ mouths but you wouldn’t know that if you looked at how the SG has been behaving. He went from secretly recording Raila’s phone conversation ( who knows how many times and for whom) to skipping key ODM meetings to globetrotting with the President at a time when his party was engaging the striking teachers, to contradicting the party leader on the ICC fixing fiasco!

Its unfathomable that a party SG can clandestinely record his party leader’s phone conversation. Who knows how many times that happened? As SG and a key member of the party, he must have been privy to top secret party strategic white paper or conversations, who knows if some of those were recorded and disseminated to the ‘wrong’ guys? Many questions abound.

When ODM was busy planning a way forward on the teachers’ strike, Ababu was conveniently across the pond lounging with the same guy who gave the Kenyan teachers the middle finger! Talk about teamwork! If the SG was away in ‘official’ business, where was an apology letter expressing solidarity with the party in absentia?

But the most preposterous political somersault came just the other day, when he decided to public contradict his party leader’s position on the ICC! In the real world, party positions are normally singular and for a party SG to publicly contradict his party leader on an issue that everyone and their mother knows that it cost us big time in the last general election, and was about to be rekindled for political mileage purposes again is downright ridiculous.

Raila understands what all breathing mammals understand – in 2013, we let Jubilee milk the ICC propaganda for too long until it stuck and we paid dearly for it! In fact, Ababu was part of the ODM reloaded team that traversed the country campaigning and confronted the ICC lies. One would imagine that having been in theater, he would be the first one to understand why Raila chose to nip this ICC fixing thing in the bud, but apparently, he seems not to care.

There is no other way of putting this, Ababu is an ODMer on paper and a member of another outfit in deed. Curiously, other ODM superstars like Governor Hassan Joho have never raised a finger or attempted to taunt Raila and ODM. But Ababu has made a hobby out of antagonising ODM and its rank and file. Its time to do the honourable thing and ship out. The party is too big to be treated to a game of poker by one man. There are many serious national issues to be tackled and this not the time to babysit grown ups. The door is wide open for you sir. Do us a favor

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