By Kamasasa E

Good evening Hon Ababu Namwamba!

You have expressed yourself well. The point is home. Baba has refused to disown you. In his heart, you still remain his son. When your dad bypasses other siblings advises and opt to stick with you, its high time you swallow your ego and ship up.

Your expectations today as Raila was in Butula, Busia:

1. Raila should not get a mammoth crowd in Busia county>> well, the events were flooded by a sea of humanity, pole sana.

2. A few guys who appeared like your surrogates and may be had been given a few coins to disrupt Raila rally were badly silenced within a record of 10 seconds. They folded their tails and joined the wagon of cheering on Tinga.

3. That the media will be deployed to paint how Raila has lost ground in Busia county, well Raila is resurgent!

4. That Raila would back Governor Ojaamong and Women rep Hon Mutua re-election next year. This was your epitome of rebel. Tinga was wise, he stayed clear of 2017 campaigns for local leaders.

You will realize the contrary happened. The opposite occurred. It shows your strategy failed. It doesn’t mean the message has not reached home. NO! Its home. Now an experienced soldier knows when to retreat, surrender or soldier on with injuries.

Take the right step. Make a wise step. Put off a little few guys who are trying to confuse you with misplaced cheering. They will be the first to laugh at you when in a political cold jug. That crowd that welcomed Raila must sent a message to you that nobody in Busia county who can hold Raila at ransom. He enjoys direct grass roots support. If you didn’t have a clear picture of the rally, check yourself below photos.