This is a list of newspapers in Myanmar. A list of Myanmar newspapers for news and information on sports, entertainments, jobs, education, festivals, tourism, lifestyles, movies, travels, weather, real estate, and business.

Myanmar newspapers and news sites

List of Myanmar magazines

Other magazines published in Myanmar are Mahaythi, Ahpyosin, Kalyar, Ngwe Tar Yi, Myanmar’s Dana, Nat Khat Ta, Myawady, Shwe Amyutay, Sit Pyan, Tha Pyay, Yaung Pyan, Theit Pan, Manusaryi, Life Style, and Thuta Swal Sone

Daily newspapers



Weekly newspapers and journals

Published overseas

Defunct popular and influential newspapers

  • The Botataung (Burmese)
  • Daily Sport Journal
  • The Guardian (Burmese and English)
  • The Nation (Burmese and English)
  • Phoenix – entertainment weekly, banned from publishing from August 2009 for unspecified reasons[22]
  • The Voice Weekly Journal (Burmese)
  • The Worker (Burmese)
  • The Working People’s Daily (Burmese and English)