If you don’t watch Churchill Show, you are missing out on spectacular jokes by a new comedian known as MCA Tricky.

The comedian is a former street boy who was gifted the opportunity to make people laugh on the grandest stage last year by Churchill. And he has never disappointed. Tricky’s talent is currently unmatched.
He is simply the best and here are reasons why:
1. He is a gifted story-teller.
MCA Tricky enjoys telling stories of his personal experiences. He prefers telling people how he was naive in specific situations and how those situations turned out to be funny. Today he doesn’t know how to use an ATM machine and the next day he is waiting for a makanga to show up on a plane so that he can pay fare…

2. His jokes aren’t tribal.
A lot of comedians prefer telling tribal jokes, not to say that they aren’t funny. Tribal jokes are always hilarious but Tricky has always preferred to go his own way. So far, it has worked really well for him.

3. He knows how to insert a joke even where it’s generally impossible to do so.
Tricky is that guy who can make a joke out of a simple thing like logging in to Facebook. He literally digs funny material out of anything. You can’t be taught such a skill. It requires natural talent.

4. His appearance is funny.
Tricky wears the same clothes every single time. He does this to promote his street kid persona. Whenever he steps on the stage, you can’t help but laugh at his ‘don touch’ trousers and his shaggy hair. That’s the mark of real comedians. They make you laugh even before they speak.

5. He gets appreciated even on his slow days.

The good thing about being great is that people appreciate you even on you slow days when your mind isn’t too sharp. For other comedians, you can always sense that the crowd goes silent when they say something which isn’t funny, but for Tricky, every word draws laughter and applause.
6. He has that crazy comedic voice.
Think of Katt Williams, Chris Rock or Klint The Drunk. These are all great comedians who have rather interesting vocal gifts. Perhaps it’s the way they stress words that makes their jokes really funny. In Kenya, Tricky belongs to that clique…

7. His style is completely unique.
It’s hard to copy someone like Tricky, really hard. He is as original as performers get. Even if you copy his delivery, you can’t copy his stories. He has naturally copyrighted his work.