If you ever doubted that young women, especially the school or college going type, fear pregnancy more than deadly sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/aids, doubt no more so abortion is the way to go.

As this writer discovered, the greedy fascination for the forbidden fruit among female students of a local university is so much that some have formed investment groups, commonly referred to as chamas specifically to cater for abortion fees.

Fearing the devastating side effects of using P2 (Postinor-2) and other contraceptives, one of the chama members, who requested anonymity, says she avoids them at all costs and prefers munching the forbidden fruit ‘raw’.

“Those things (contraceptives) can really mess you up. When it’s not your cycle getting screwed up, you gain weight and get out of shape. At times they mess up your moods,” says the 22-year-old, adding that condoms are cumbersome to use and reduce ‘sweetness’ while at it.

To cushion themselves against their worst fear — pregnancy, the young women came together and formed an investment group through which they make contributions for, among other things like shopping and throwing parties, and abortions.

Unlike their older, married counterparts who meet in each other’s house to gossip about troublesome househelps, husbands, children or sharing notes on bargain household goods and shopping destinations, the campus girls’ chama members meet to discuss who ‘accidentally’ got pregnant and needs urgent financial support after the man in question denied responsibility.

Without explicitly confessing, she says when they meet, they share with each other weekend exploits with boyfriends, secret lovers and chips funga (one-night sex with random men) escapades.

“We just meet to story tell, treat ourselves, have a good time and share weekend experiences. You know at times you go out and meet a great guy and he insist you go home with them. Or you get high, only to wake up next to a stranger. In such a situation, if you get pregnant, the fund comes in handy,” she says of herself and her band of party animals.

Tragedy struck

She, however, says the idea was not manifestly conceived for purposes of helping each other procure abortion.

“It began rather awkwardly. When we joined campus, a member of our partying crew of six accidentally got pregnant in the very first weeks of first year,” she says, adding: “Sadly, she had no clue who was responsible because she didn’t have a stable boyfriend and we were forced to contribute to help her sort out the matter before it was late.”

Immediately after that case, she says, another member of their crew got knocked up. It happened to yet another member. And to cushion themselves from digging deep in their pockets whenever tragedy struck, they came up with the investment group and have been at it for almost two year now.

When the semester comes to a close and none of them was recklessly naughty enough to ‘accidentally’ get pregnant, the contribution is used to throw a party or help members sort out other personal issues.

According to her, these chamas, which are jealously guarded secrets, could be across more universities if the idea’s brainchild is anything to go by.

“The member who suggested the chama had stolen the idea from a friend who shared it with her, warning her never to tell anybody that she was in such an investment group,” says the source.

The young woman, who believe they are not the only ones with such a chama, says nothing scares a campus girl than discovering she is pregnant.

So rather than going round revealing to everyone that they are pregnant, and begging for abortion cash after their broke boyfriends denies responsibility, it is such chamas that save the day.