The Swahili saying siku za mwizi ni arubaini caught up too fast with one Frank Buhet.

Frank, a Tanzanian thief was compelled to report himself to the nearest police station after a bag he had stolen from an old woman refused to come down his head.

Thief reports himself to police as stolen bag refused to come downAfter he managed to steal and run off with it, things became serious at that very moment. Well, as he was trying to put it down to take out the stolen goods, the bag refused to come off the back of his head where he had placed it.

Frank tried everything within his powers to get the load off his head, including lying on the ground, but to no avail.

The worst part about this scenario was when the neighbors find him struggling there trying to fight witchcraft.

He sought it was wise to just go to the police station and turn himself in to help him reverse the curse. Upon arrival and trials to help Frank, the police failed and gave up.

Thief reports himself to police as stolen bag refused to come down

According to the reports, the bag was full of corn. When the villagers realized that he has stolen it from an old woman, they were furious and wanted to punish him with blows and kicks. Mob justice is the one thing thieves fear despite their confidence in the game.

It is still not yet confirmed if the curse was reversed all we know is the bag refused to move even an inch. Talk about some serious sorcery!