Otile Brown is currently living it up in the lap of luxury and literally on Vera Sidika’s laps.

The RnB crooner who originated from Coast province has been living over at Vera Sidika’s luxury pad in Spring valley Peponi’s environs.


That got me thinking about the other celebrities the world over who have zero fizzucks to give about being seen as leeches mooching off the women they either dated or married. And make no mistake about this piece, I am proud of these men. They found a way to make dating and marriage work for them. They finessed their way into financial security.

Guy Ritchie

He is a British movie director who is really good while in that lane -he is actually the guy behind some of my favourite movies and one of the biggest and finest finesses ever to hit a lass. He was married to Madonna and the couple was blessed with a son. When they split up, Madonna who was the bigger star of the two had to dish out 92 million in the divorce settlement

Kevin Federline

This guy is the OG mooch. He was Britney Spears’ back up dancer but he had a vision. That vision saw him marry her and together they had two sons together, Preston and Jayden, and Federline got full custody of them and spousal support.


Safaree dated Nicki Minaj for a minute and though he is said to have been her ghostwriter but for a long time he was just her boyfriend. Sadly, when they broke up, she took everything.