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CORD Luminary And Top City Politician Silvanus Osoro Sponsors A Wild Road Trip To Nakuru In The Name Of Peace And National Tolerance

Over the weekend (last weekend),over 30 youths converged at Thika Road’s popular mall TRM for a planned Road Trip that would take them across 3 Counties – Nairobi,Kiambu and Nakuru for the sake of teaching the likes of Kimani Ngunjiri and Moses Kuria that there are more ways of resolving issues than making stupid statements and genocidal remarks.

The trip was purposely named Silvanus Osoro Charity Road Trip and it was specifically designed and sponsored by CORD politician and also mercurial business magnate Silvanus Osoro who,at only 30,has managed to create a vast business empire encompassing the whole Country and has also employed over 1,000 youths from Naivasha to Kisumu to Embu to Eldoret.

The youths were supposed to gather at TRM by 10.00 am and leave for the trip by 11am but something unfortunate happened – one of the members of the troupe had a nasty road accident that same Saturday morning and had to be rushed to hospital thus throwing the whole plan in limbo and scattering the process.

He,by God’s grace,survived the crash and sustained a non-threatening injury at the back of his head…

And after camping around the hospital for the better part of the morning,the young people,yours truly included,decided that they would still head on the trip in celebration of the survival of one of their members and his recovery.

We then then converged at one of our member’s house along Kamiti Road for some briefing,eating and also drinks before embarking on the trip.

By 2.30pm,around six cars had already arrived at the meeting point – sporty,fast and glistening cars.

After we ate and drunk,took showers and dressed to the nines,it was now time to hit the road.

But not so fast… Some girls had not yet arrived and we had to buy time and wait for them to get there.

”Tununueni mzinga ingine tukingoja… ” Kelvin Karaya said,one of the members of the road trip.

Quickly,money was made available and some more liquor was bought in generous quantities.

”Hamjakam na chaser?!! ” Charles Kimenjo,a blogger and entertainer,asked making several phone calls and pacing up and down the room.

By 3.30pm,everyone seems to have arrived and it was now time to leave for the trip.

A quick announcement was made. Everyone who had a car was asked to pick the people he needed to ride in his car.

And someone,who is not me,ended up picking all the hottest girls from the group.

Ni sawa.

Trip kicked off in earnest. First stop was Kiambu Town for some fuelling and the stop extended into an extra liquor-buying episode…

Half an hour later,it was time to leave Kiambu Town… And drive all the way up to Ndumberi and past Ndumberi towards Limuru.

With loud music blaring from the speakers,moderate speed,fun driving moments,loud and wild crowd,no traffic and a bevy of gorgeous babes,the trip was already catching fire less than an hour into it.

We drove on and on… Past the tea plantations taking up thousands of acres along the lonely Limuru road to the gradual hills and meandering road up the plains.

At every opportunity,stops were made and photos were taken .

Also,it was time to dance and make merry and bond,time for selfies,refilling the liquor,admiring the landscape, making a phone call,helping oneself to a short call and catching some cool Limuru breeze.

The trip kicked back on… And the drive proceeded to the Limuru periphery,past the little shops and restaurants and town.

The trip,specifically designed for Charity and awareness of the Osoro brand,lived up to it’s cause with every member in the trip raising an amount that would finally go into the purchase of foodstuffs and basic amenities for disadvantaged children.

Silvanus Osoro,who is vying for the come 2017,has stayed steadfast in his quest to better the lives of young people,increase their opportunities,save them from despondency and hopelessness and also create many amazing job opportunities for them by not just finding them jobs but also employing them directly.

Osoro,who earlier this week also addressed a Youth Press Conference on the status of Moses Kuria’s latest onslaught against CORD Leader Raila Odinga,had also called for speedy investigations and arrest of the Gatundu South MP- something that promptly happened.

Accompanied by SONU President Babu Owino,who ended up getting arrested- and released- too and many other youth leaders in Nairobi,Osoro strongly castigated the comments by Hon. Kuria terming them ‘unfortunate”, ”filthy ” and ” disgusting ”.

The youths from the Road Trip are now planning to visit Little Servants Children Home in Githurai to distribute stuff collected and bought as a team in conjunction with Mr. Osoro and then another mojor tro[p to Meru on August 13th 2016.

Keep it here for more updates on that

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