14 Illustrations That Show Just How Different Men and Women Are

Apart from the well-researched and documented biological and psychological differences between genders, there are other numerous other ways in which we can tell men and women apart.
Here we will be looking at differences relating there separate points of view concerning various aspects of their individual social lives. This makes them appear as though they are from two different worlds. Truly; “men are from Mars and women are from Venus“.

Perhaps you are a man and get confused when you see women do things in a different way. The fact is that women are different from men stretching from the way they view problems, food, and even sex. You will be surprised to discover that women are more complex compared to men. Men are much simpler in how they view things as well as how they approach to daily activities. Think twice the next time you are angry at your partner because of a difference in opinion.

If you are still in disagreement, take a look at these hilarious illustrations. You might get a better  sense of what are we saying.


During the initial days of a breakup, women are more affected than men are. However, women will get over it as time passes while men will feel the loss deeply with time. Women will have moved on and come out of the breakup feeling stronger emotionally while men will be feeling more depressed after a month.


Going to the hairdresser

There is usually very little to no visible difference between before and after a woman visits her hairdresser although she is charged ten times more than what a man is. For men, a notable difference in the looks of a man after going to the hairdresser is seen with a fraction of the cost the woman spent.


Going to the Loo

Men are known to be impatient when it comes to waiting to get to the loo. They will look for other options to answering their biological calls. Women will patiently queue outside that toilet door for the next person to finish first before they get in.



Women require time packing for overseas trips as opposed to men who will do it the last minute, they will even begin planning a month earlier.


Getting ready for work

Men are known take the shortest time getting themselves ready for work. Ten minutes is enough. Women, in contrast, need a number of hours to get ready.


Social networks

While a man will have very few or even no notifications after being offline for the week, a woman’s inbox will be stacked with messages and a hundred or more friend requests within the same one week.



A man’s office table will generally be unorganized with books, files, papers, and other unnecessary stuff all over. While a woman’s table is generally well arranged with everything at its right place.
However, when it comes to their computer, men organize their desktop screen a lot better than women.


Sharing a bed

Women tend to occupy almost the entire bed space while men take the remaining portion. A woman will even take over the man’s pillow yet she has her own.



When shopping for shampoo, women will only buy something a friend has advised about and will also consider its effect on her hair, quality among others. For men, any can do as long as it is a shampoo. It doesn’t matter!



Women are more conversant when it comes to differentiating colors than men. This may be as a result to a difference in the way color information is processed by the two sexes.


Looking at a woman

Women tend to appreciate each other’s style and fashion. In contrast, when a man meets a woman, in his mind, he sees how the woman would look without clothes on.


Looking in the mirror

When looking in the mirror, a man only sees the positive side, while the woman will see the negative side of her physique even if she is stunning.


Going out

When going out, the woman will always inform on what time to leave but by the time for leaving comes, she will still not be ready. The man will done getting ready ten minutes before departure time.



Even though a woman’s wardrobe is full of stylish and fashionable outfits and shoes, she will still be confused about what to put on. A man, on the other hand, is fine with a pair of shoes and clothes for the entire week.


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