10b points to make sure 2017 elections is peaceful free and fair.

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10 points to ponder:

1. IEBC refused to distribute BVR kits per polling station yet had kits to donate to Ministry of Devolution.

2. For the last one month, at no time did the Ministry of Devolution reveal that they were doing parallel cohort registrations.

3. CS Ministry of Devolution has been in Central Kenya for the whole period of voter registration, at no time did she visit any centre where NYS cohorts were being registered as they are claiming now.

4. IEBC head of ICT takes daily numbers to no.2, whose Karen home is the scene of nighttime voter registration.

5. The IEBC knew that they donated BVR kits to Ministry of Devolution under Waiguru; and they also claimed some 74 BVR kits were stolen.

6. Today High Court quashed an irregularly awarded tender for ballot printing to a company associated with Mary Wamboi. The IEBC threatens to appeal the nullification.

7. In 2013, it was such a company that failed to deliver EVIDS which ended up multiplying, rather than summing votes (remember the anomalous “spoilt votes” just before live transmission of results was abandoned?)

8. Al Ghuriar Ltd had been procured at a time Isaack Hassan and his corrupt group refused to vacate office.

9. Ezra Chiloba is corrupt and partisan. Should be removed from IEBC forthwith.

10. This coming election must be CREDIBLE. The alternative is UNTHINKABLE!
Seth Odongo

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