About Me

Sande Kennedy

Sande Kennedy (born John Kennedy Sande Nyongesa .; September 21, 1988), is an Kenyan blogger, Pan Africanist,columnist Political Activist , blogger, informer & businesman who has interest in politics, governance,corporate fraud, human rights and television personality. His blog, SandeKennedy.com (sandekennedy.wordpress.com) is known for posts covering gossip items about celebrities , politicians. He is also known for posting tabloid photographs over which he has added his own captions or “doodles”. His blog has garnered controversy for its attitude, its former outing of alleged closeted celebrities, and its role in the increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media.

Early life

Sande was born in Nairobi Kenya, to Kenyan parents.He was raised in Vihiga District now vihiga county  and Western kenya, and later attended Ibubi Primary School, in Bunyore, Sande graduated in 2007, only  in high school education.

I joined politics because I want to take the fight from the media into the chambers where decisions are made. I want to echo the people’s voice in spaces where they have been ignored for too long. I have relentlessly challenged the establishment for their failed governance. Now I want to continue with the fight from the inside.


Vote For KENNEDY SANDE I have a strong community spirit and I sincerely believe in the further development of the Nairobi County CENTRAL WARD MCA . Let us make 2017 a year of good revolution.

Vote for Baba Agwambo n let us archive the Kenyan dream.

Pamoja tutawanasa