This people!

Introduced the Nile perch to kill our fish and killed our economy in the process, they introduced water hyacinth too, to ensure our industry was buried completely. All these they did to make us poor and dependent on them, that’s why Ilara I must RESIST!

after killing the fishing sector, they began fish ponds in their regions and ordered for the relocation of fish companies to Thika, those that refused were shut down and banks instructed not to give them loans, they eventually went under, lives were destroyed, families broken and jobs lost,all these they did to make us poor, that’s why brookside I must RESIST!!

When Homabay County contracted a foreign investor to come remove the hyacinth from the lake and turn it into biogas and manure, this people denied the investor work permit and license, why?,all these they did to make us poor, that’s why safaricom I must RESIST!!

They approved importation of cheap sugar from Brazil and killed the western circuit sugar belt, they brought sugar from Uganda to kill Mumias, jobs were lost and families destroyed, just to make us poor😢😢😢, I’ll RESIST!!

This people have mocked us, called us stupid and poor, told us that they’ll rule us forever because we own nothing, that’s why they must consume their milk, maize and potatoes, that’s why they must carry their supermarkets back to their villages and see if we’ll die of hunger, I RESIST!!

This people get their loans written off by the government, loans in tens of billions yet the lake basin mall in kisumu can’t be opened because of sh 2.5 billion debt because the government has no. “money ” that’s why I’ll BOYCOTT!!

Kamba land is the home to the largest dam in Kenya yet the water is enjoyed by this people in the neighbouring County, Kambas remains without water, that’s why we must Boycott and RESIST!!

Turkana is sitting on 70 million metric cubes of pure underground water, yet they lack water because the government has no money to drill the water but has the money to construct dams in Muranga and kericho to supply Nakuru with water that they already have, that is why we must RESIST!!

Resist everything they own, Resist anything they touch and Boycott anything that has their names on it.

RESIST! 👊👊👊👊