After seeing this Ninja I have begun to suspect the governor was killed else where then the car was later crushed into the rail to cover evidence.
Jacob Juma equally suffered an equivalent ordeal.
Robert Ouko and Chris Msando too.

Malowa and crew are no exception.
R.I.P but at least you had lived your life to the fullest.
I am still mourning baby Pendo at an innocent age she was a militia and shot dead

Only in Kenya.

Is this guy paid to witness accidents? In the Nakuru chopper crash where three souls are yet to be found, he was the first witness that chilly early morning.

Today according to his testimony on TV, he was in the Kabati area, Murang’a behind the Governor just as the accident was happening. He has told journalist he was the first on the scene and Gov. Gakuru told him “nimeumia mguu”, then passed out. In his words “hiyo tu ndio alisema alafu akaenda”.

Ama these are two different people?

pepo inatumika na jubilee kunywa damu za watu kwa kafara ndio hii