Why Uhuru is a one term president.


Raila Odinga has once again beaten Uhuru in his own game.

He has left mud on Uhuru’s face. When the October 26th birthday boy was spending billions in deploying sophisticated machineries and security forces in NASA strongholds,threatening judges & blockading the judiciary, Agwambo was forming a Resistance Movement.

In the run up to our decision to move to the Supreme court, Raila kept Uhuru busy in the streets while he was gathering evidence that saw the nullification of the fraudulent election.

NASA was done with the courts and was never to be in the October equation.

They call it his last bullet, But Raila terms it this is the last time an election will be stolen in Kenya. From Moi to his boys, Agwambo promises Kenyans to bring to a complete end the dictatorial rule in our history.

Njia ni Mingi za Kuua Paka!
Jubilee Government and IEBC didn’t know that people do not just need a surety of security but assured goodwill. People are not convinced that there is sanity in the exercise that is why they are shying away. The goodwill of the people is always supreme in an election. Kenya is now caged…….. No Elections today but observing Uhuru’s Birthday…….. Happy Birthday Jubilee Party Leader……. May you live to respect the serenity of the people – Hon. Teddy Mwambire, Ganze MP.