The author of “the Raila conspiracy: secrets Behind denying him the Kenyan Presidency” has braked his silence this week in one of his keynote address of the predictions he made in his controversial book. The celebrated Author believes that he envisaged the political grid lock that we are experiencing in the country in his Biography on Raila Odinga which led to his kidnap.

The Author has been on silent mode for weeks have even though downplayed that he has been quit because of fear for his life but has been spending time promoting his book. He said that, “literature and politics are connected together like Siamese twins”. That he is never afraid to talk his mind, he believes that, “First rule of change is controversy. You can’t get away from it for the simple reason all issues are controversial. Change means movement, and movement means friction, and friction means heat, and heat means controversy”.

The Young scholar believes that –the worst political ramifications is yet to happen in the weeks that follows. He acknowledged that the uncharted waters that Kenya is in can brew something worst than secession.

In his observation of trends of international politics and the audacity of electoral institutions, he believes that Ezra Chiloba and Chebukati are one of the biggest conspirators in thwarting Kenyan election-that as long as they are the helm there shall be no free and fair election.

The scholar claims that even though many Kenyans never agreed with his intellectual prophecies before the election, now he has received several converts who has constantly ordered his book for verification of the future political understanding.


The book which you ought to read has been rated as one of the best selling political books joining publications like: Peeling back the mask by Miguna, “Not yet Uhuru” by Oginga Odinga and Enigma by Obafemi Badejo. The book which envisaged the Supreme Court ruling and revolutionarily predicted that the Kenyan election was not going to be decided by not either ballot but through the bullets of tyrants.

Though the Author has a lot of reservation of where he got a lot of the information and the detailing facts about his kidnap. The Author believes that the current situation is a completion between two theories of realism and idealism. He believes that the idealist believe that we have a constitution crisis that it would be easy to bring any other candidate to compete with Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and wait to cross that bridge when you get there. No one can do that in the name of legitimizing the presidency of Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta. While the realist believes that the problem we have in Kenya is a political crisis; that you cannot ignore someone (Hon. Raila) who rule a half of the country because he is a big stakeholder in the political landscape”.

He cautioned the caretaker President Uhuru Kenyatta not to undermine Hon. Raila Odinga end game. Though it’s a very unfortunate talk, secession talks are more wild, brutal and lethargic than having dialogue before it’s too late.