If Kenya burns we all perish like fools.Keep spreading hate and ethnic animosity. Keep working hard forum members ,we shall finally get there! Call them Kikuyu’s ,call them Jaluos, call them by their tribes ,keep cheering KURIA ,keep cheering Babu, we shall soon arrive .Once we safely arrive ,you will then understand the meaning of peace and tranquillity! ,in your suffering there ,u will look around but you will never – I mean never – see UHURU or RAILA. They will be issuing press statements from the UK and US, like Akombe in Newyork thro JK LIVE, while me and you will be dying like crooks with no tails in a refugee camp.You will quickly run here ,forget to log in your pseudo accounts (you will now use your real names) to call for peace ,plead for peace ,perhaps your highschool friend will have already gone to be with the creator. ,perhaps your old grand Ma and mum in the village will be nursing rape injuries in the village ,maybe you will have met your young brother’s head hanging on an electricity post. Or your dad’s head serving as dinner to a hound.
I choose peace,I will do all it takes to observe peace and preach peace ,so that when others gets this country into a war zone ,God will protect me and my loved ones. If you choose peace ,for the sake of yourself and your family ,then walk the talk. If you choose incitement, go on, do it well…..and may God help us all…
PLEASE SHARE MAKE THIS GO VIRAL…am sick and tired of all this hate and tension….